T19 Violin

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What violin should I purchase?

I've been using one of my school's violins, but the downside to that is that we have to share it, like its not just ours, its also someone else's and i don't like people playing the instrument i'm playing. I recently also ordered some Andrea rosin from Amazon, and I looked around on Ebay for some violins. I'm not made of money but I've narrowed it down to some simple choices.




which one would be a a better instrument for the money?
which one would be best?

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I visit Answers.yahoo is because I want to learn and explore more new ideas and learn from somebody's experiences!

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I play violin for many years. The violins you picked all of them look good!

Well if you buy from China, the shipping you have to wait for more than a week!

I also believe in the Ebay customer feedback comment system. If the store shows 99.9% sanctification feedback, I can't assume all of their customer are dumb blind and deaf!

When I receive the violin, I may buy it a better set of strings, either dominant or pirastro synthetic; with a new set of synthetic, then keep playing it few weeks everyday, it should sound wonderful.

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