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What are your favorite names?

he Story is about High School and love. et cetera, so I need names for Characters, please answer Thank you!!! Give at least 3 or 4 Male AND Female Names for each of my characters...

Ghetto -
Intelligent (some Asian names too please?) -
Arrogant (maybe some Hispanic names too?) -
Rich/Preppy -
Middle Class -
Loud -
Redhead (maybe add in a few Irish names?) -
Tough/Street Smart -
Snob (also try to add some Italian names?) -
Smart/Nerdy -
Bully (some Ghetto or Asian names too) -
Laid-Back (some Hispanic names too) -
Psychobilly -
Fat Nerd -
Wise Old Teacher -
Hockey Fan -
Girl/Boy Next Door -
White Trash -
Goofball (some Asian names too please) -
Mommy's Boys/Daddy's Girls (Rich!) -

P.S. Sorry I had to be fastidious with the names, I just want it to be culturally diverse as well, to make it more unique and interesting for the fans. Like The Magic School Bus characters, and that was a very good show. Thanks again, guys.

Ghetto - Tanisha, Tameka, Aleesha, Ayana, Chanel,TJ, Brooklyn, Keyshawn ... (nearly every name with the III, II or something, sounds made up or written in something that`s supposed to be French..)

Intelligent: Mizuki (japanese girl name), Akira (boy name, means intelligent in Japanese), Sophie, rui (super smart Asian I know...), Céline

Arrogant: Anastasia, Veronica, Cato, Maria, Nico, Livia, Flavio, Richard

Rich/Preppy: Charles, Lucien, Spencer, Julia, Miranda, Cynthia

Middle Class: Finn, Rachel, Scott, Alice, Daniel, Sebastian, Viola

Loud: Fred, Ben, Jessy (for a boy/man), Alanna, Cody, Effie, Juno (for a girl)

Redhead: Erin, Willow, Caitlin, Eileen, Liam, Bain, Collin, Ron (ok, I guess I watched too much HP when I was little,,,)

Tough/Street Smart: Vicky, Debbie, Vera, Mandy, Carl, Kevin (but a rather trashy street smart), Louis

Snob: Georgina, Federico, Harper, Edgar, Karolina (only if you don`t live in the US; though), Julius, Tabea, Bejansu

Smart/Nerdy - philipp (not nerdy, but really smarty), Geoffrey, hermes, Anthea, Anja, Leanna

Bully: Jill, Jo (fo a girl), Esmeralada (no idea why, just sounds sooo mean), Isobel, Balthasar, Casey (he`s mean to prove he`s tough..)

Laid-Back (some Hispanic names too) - Lisa, Seraina, Marianna, Felipe, Mateo, Pablo

Psychobilly - Nevaeh, India, Chakra, Sky, Night, Flower, Summer...

Fat Nerd - Othello, Xavier, Hermes, Sherman and Herman, Appollina, Agnes, Greta, Ethel

Wise Old Teacher - Athena, Minerva, Claire, Arthur, melchior, Conrad

Hockey Fan - Robyn (for a girl), Marshall,Tom, Marvin, Sarah, Riley (for a girl), Abigail (Abby)

Girl/Boy Next Door - Ian, Ethan, Harry, Lilly, Fiona, James, Anna, HAnnah, Emma, Grace, Nina, Tina, Julian

White Trash - Tracey, Lacey, Tiffany, Brandy, Destiny, Jennifer, Earl, Jamie, Bentley (or other brand names), Ricky, Ronaldo

Goofball (some Asian names too please) - Paul, Naomi, Harry, Fred and George ( I clearly watched too much HArry Potter as a kid), Nikki (for a girl), Janina

Mommy's Boys/Daddy's Girls (Rich!) - Elinor (just because I know a rich kid like that), Balthasar (goes for a bully and a rich kid), Cecilia, Charles, Preston, Léonie

Hope I helped, omg. Soo many names!!

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