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skin (face) problems?

i have redness on my cheeks and sometimes it gets a lil bumpy. i've always had red cheeks no matter what. but it's gotten worse. also i break out a lot (because im pregnant) and i want to find a cleaner and a cream that will even my skin tone and clear break outs without making my skin oily because that's another problem.. and i don't even wear makeup! anyone know any GOOD products?

The obvious is drinking water and tea. There's Proactiv, which is very light and is great for all types of skin. It won't dry your skin out or leave your face feeling oily. You probably don't want to use anything with strong ingredients while you're pregnant because there's a chance of bad reactions with your hormones. Olay has a lot of nice products. They always have a variety of products for dry, oily, and sensitive skin. Anything labeled sensitive or non-oily should be good. Go for more natural products, especially if you don't wear makeup. Scrubs that aren't too harsh with beads, foam washes, light astringents, and non-oily creams should do the trick.

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