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List of shonen-ai manga translated into English and available in bookstores?

Yeah, so, I'm making my christmas wish list and I need to know some shounen-ai manga that's translated and you could probably get from Barnes and Noble or Borders. No 18+ please~ That wouldn't go over so well with my parents. ^^''

I know for sure that Loveless is but...I don't really like the series. ^^''

I didn't like Loveless either, I'll recommend some I like and others I've seen around:

-A Night of a Thousand dreams is an ongoing long manhwa by Yen Press, 11 volumes licensed so far, I really like the story, is a sort of alternative setting for the original book. For older teens 16+

-Antique Bakery is not exactly shounen-ai but it is a really good story, only a bit of kissing probably since the gay character isn't the focus. Licensed by DMP and totally recommended.

- Seven Days, my favorite shounen-ai, rating young adult +16, although I don't know why...there is barely kissing. I reviewed in Bukisa in case you want to know (profile link)

- Il Gatto Sul G, it's for young adults too, I haven't read it but someone recommended it to me.

- New Beginnings by Kotetsuko Yamamoto is very cute too. I like this mangaka a lot, her art is nice and her stories.

- Might want to check Not so Bad, Clear Skies, Roureville, Tokyo Babylon, Earthian and Time Lag too.

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