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I don't know what to do with my new instrument?

I just got a brand new ukulele as a gift for my birthday. I have only played it two days and now the A string is starting to buzz. It only buzzes when I leave the string open. For example, when I play C it does not buzz but when I play F it does. I am fairly new to ukulele's so I am very worried about it. Could this problem fix itself the longer I play it? My sister got a new guitar a while back and one of the strings started buzzing and it just fixed itself the longer she played it. Also, does the weather play a factor in it as far as being very humid outside? It has not been dry where I live in 3 to 4 days so I wasn't sure if the humidity could do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For some people it is a matter of strumming technique and where you are strumming in relation to the soundhole. This might be the case since you are just learning to play this instrument. The last string struck in a downward strum is the [A] string so sometimes it is struck harder than the other strings and at an angle that is more up&down (in relation to the fretboard) than back&forth. This causes the longest length note (an open A note -- not fretted) to buzz against one of the frets (usually around the midpoint of the fretboard) -- usually the 12th fret.

** Try strumming and making sure your finger(s) or plectrum (pick) does not strike the ukulele top at the end of the stroke -- the strum stays even with the plane of the strings.

** See if it does the same thing on an strumming stroke up (A string toward the G string)

** Lastly try strumming above where the body of the ukulele meets the neck instead of over the soundhole.

Other than that -- it may be a "setup" issue as described by the other answer.

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