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Need help with banjo tuning.?

I recently purchased two 1940's Kay banjos. The only difference is one has four strings and the other has five. The four string has 19 frets which I believe to be a tenor banjo and the five string has 22 frets. Are they tuned differently? I'm new to the banjo and could use some help.

The tenor and 5-string banjos are very different and are used for different types of music. Unlike the 5-string banjo, which is played fingerstyle, the tenor banjo is usually strummed with a flatpick. It's usually tuned CGDA. It was popular in early jazz bands and is still used for Dixieland. 5-strings are often tuned GDGBD but there are various tunings. They're mainly used to play bluegrass, folk, and old-timey music.

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