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Solid Factory rotors vs Aftermarket cross drilled rotors...?

I'm thinking of replacing rotors on my 04' Jeep Liberty. It's got sum rust on the rear right back and eating up brake pads.
I was thinking if I'm going to have to spend $200.00 I'd rather spend $400.00 and get factory set from the dealer. The original rotors is what is tested during safety tests with the vehicle and hold up not cross drilled. I am told that cross drilled rotors get warped easier and rust from the inside from my experience. I would rather get the orginal solid rotors...if it's better than aftermarket rotors.
I just thought I would ask opinion as google search engine didn't pull anything up about it!
I'm open to suggestion on some insight questions.

Unless you're racing your Jeep you won't need cross-drilled or slotted rotors. The drilling and slotting in the rotors is to dissipate heat and help evacuate gases that are created when your pads heat up. Under normal driving conditions you will never need them. Drilled and slotted rotors also tend to pick up dirt and other debris, become embedded in the rotor and wear out the pads quicker. Leave the fancy rotors for the race cars and trailer queen muscle cars. Regular rotors will perform just fine and will save you a few bucks too!

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