Schmidt Washburn

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Can you tell me exactly what kind of guitar this is?

So my boyfriend wants to buy this guitar, but wants to know a little more about it. I know it's an Oscar Schmidt Washburn Electric Acoustic guitar. But I want to know more details. And about how much it's worth (My boyfriend wants to buy it from his pop).


I found out the numbers it's an OE40N so now I just need to know what it is worth.

What is the model number? Go look it up on Ebay (completed auctions) to see what they actually complete a sale for, and at what prices. A lot of the listings also include good-to-know information about the particular model you're looking up.

Ebay completed auctions (the numbers that are in green are prices that were actually paid- dont go by the asking prices, they are completely irrelevant and often too high) that's the best way to see the real market value and model-specific details of your guitar.

Good luck!

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