Morgan Style

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vera bradley help !!!?

i want the morgan style purse and I am between the purple punch and the bali gold.
I want them to coordinate with my clothes. I wear mostly yellows, greens, grays, white, purple and I'm definately a person that loves brown shoes and belts over black ones.
I also know the background of the purple punch is black. Would this look weird with brown shoes?
Would the bali gold look weird with a yellow shirt?

Please help.
I would buy both but unfortuately that is just not an option. lol
I already have the yellow bird in a tote. I also have the mesa red, the java and puncci in different stlyes and accesories.

I know for sure that Bali gold wouldn't look bad with yellow Because its almost like yellow,And Green and white and purple go great with Purple punch So,have you ever thought about Yellow bird?That would look good with yellow,gray,White,Green So I hope I helped :)

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