Flat Leather

What can I wear flat leather lace-up shoes with?

I'm travelling around Europe this fall and don't want to be wearing sneakers like a tourist. So as a compromise I'll be wearing flat leather lace-up shoes.

1. If I wear jeans with it, what cut is appropriate? skinny, loose or flaring, boot-cut?
2. If I wear trousers, khaki, slacks, what cut is appropriate?

I am petite at 5'3" but proportionally figured.
By the way, they are closed shoes, which will probably look like leather sneakers.

I tend to wear skinny or straight leg jeans most of the time and find them to be the most flattering cut for flat shoes - also flares can look a bit odd or outdated a lot of the time.

that being said, a very comfortable style of pants is a swing or sailor style (depending on the store or who you talk to) with a wide leg - they have a very retro look - which can also look great with that sort of shoe: http://www.superkawaiimama.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Jeans-and-leopard-print.jpg

Enjoy your time in Europe!

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