Acoustic Sandalwood

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Fender Acoustic Guitar

While the professionals and those who have been playing guitar for years for mere pleasure are well aware, the newcomer may be surprised to learn that there is a Fender acoustic guitar out there for them too. Fender makes a wide ranger of styles and shapes, and every one of them has that famous Fender quality and sound. There is something out there for everyone's taste.If you are looking for a maple guitar, the T Bucket 400ce could be just the ticket. Made of maple from top to bottom, even including the fret board, this guitar provides a natural look and just feels great. Of course it sounds as anyone would expect a Fender to sound.The Sonoran SCE is one of many Fender cutaways. The guitar generates a sound that is a reminder of days gone by. The sound goes back 4 decades and provides an at-the-beach feel.If you have been playing for a while and are looking for a fuller sound, the CD 160se might be of interest. The is a 12 string with a fret board made of solid maple. The back, each side, and the top are build from mahogany. It is a full-sounding guitar that will mesmerize you the first time you give it a strum.If you are just getting started, a cutaway might be a good idea, and the Malibu, part of the California Series, might be the perfect fit. It is not a big as other guitars making it a bit easier to hold and chord. Still, accomplished players will enjoy this little wonder too.These are just a few of the many acoustic offerings by Fender. They continue to manufacture guitars in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and in price ranges that will afford the pleasure of playing the guitar to anyone. Browse the Fender inventory and there is little doubt you will find one that is just right for you.

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