Turkish Case

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Sociology question : What do turkish people think about homosexuality ? Is it hidden? Forbidden ?Allowed ?

What is the average opinion ? What is the policy of turkish state ?
Are you gay, lesbian ? Why ? Why not ? Is it a secret ? Why ? Why not ?
Have you done your coming out ? How ? When ? Where ? Why ? Why not ?
Do you believe in God ? Muslim or other religion ?
How do you manage to live your sexuality and your religion, despite of the islamic bans?
Does it actually mean that secularism is a condition for homosexuality ?
What about Ataturk personal situation ? Was he a model only about politics ? Or was he an inspiration also about personal sexual choices, for most of people in your country ? How ? Why ?...

I need good and serious explanations, with full details..

I am writing an essay that I will call " Paradoxes of Islam and Sexuality : the turkish case"

Thank you
May I ask why you are so uneducated ? I asked a question to turkish audience, but apparently you don't seem to be very open-minded...
The words "tolerance" and "respect" don't exist in your country ?

In Turkey homosexuality is not forbidden. It is not hidden. There is no law against it. There are many singers and artists who do not hide their homosexuality. Transsexual marriage is allowed. Homosexual marriage is not allowed like in many US sates.
But religiously its forbidden and not welcome, as same as Christianity.
It could be strange to you, but Turks mostly joke, laugh and entertain with the idea of homosexuality. It's not forbidden but its kind of unusual in Turkey. Many Turks put homosexuals and prostitutes in the same basket.
Turks do not choose to be homosexual. Probably because most men thinks Turkish women are best. And Turkish women always find Turkish men attractive. And generally homosexuals are busy with prostitution in Turkiye.
I personally, do not like to dig sh*t-holes. That's against our evolution...

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