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What are the benefits of having a wooden clarinet?

I have been playing clarinet for 6 years and have had a plastic clarinet since the beginning. I would like to have a higher quality instrument. What are some benefits of having a wooden clarinet as opposed to a plastic one?

A good wooden instrument has a better tone and responds better than a plastic. But, a bad wood isn't as good as a good plastic. It's not just about being wood.

Generally speaking, wooden instruments cost more to make than plastics. That means the craftsmen put more effort and better quality components into their wooden models. So, not only does the wood sound better but it also usually is much better built and has features you don't normally find on a plastic model. The tend to hold their adjustments much better and the attention to close tolerances is high - that means no leaks.

The best way to find out the difference is to go to a shop that has some and play them. That way you can see exactly what you like in your particular instrument.

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