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I broke my girlfriends music instrument and relationships questions?

Recently, my girlfriend left her instrument at my place. And so I took it back to her, on the way the strap broke on the bag that was carrying it. The whole instrument fell head first like a slap on the floor. The damage is Almost beyond repair and the instrument itself is an antique and sells for a high price.
It's a Chinese pipa and it'll take quite a lot of cash in which I do not have right now to repair it.
On top of that I am still a student but trying to find a part time to support us, to make her happier. I already applied to various jobs under sections of tuition, guitar tutoring and general jobs.

It is so devastating to and I am so lost because of being short in cash, I try to pay for everything when we go out. But I don't even want to go out anymore at the thought of her paying.

Please can someone give me some advice as to how to make amends? And what I should do?


If this instrument were really so valuable, she should have had it insured and she never should have left it at your place. I don't think you are responsible for all the damage. Offer to pay what you can, but don't make yourself go broke for her sake.

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