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What's a megapixel? if I am buying a digital camera, how many megapixels should i want for really good pics?

i want pro quality pics without having to spend an arm and a leg and i dont know what i should be looking at...
and are there other things i should be looking at? if so what? and what numbers... i don't know a thing about digital and am really starting to miss my SLR

The megapixel rating of a camera is the amount of squares of data that are in the total picture. The more pixels (squares) the clearer and more detailed the picture. Now, as far as how high you should go, that depends on what you need the camera for, what oyau re going ot use the pics for, and how much you are willing to spend. I have a digital camera that is about 3 megapixels and my engagement pictures were taken with it. When I tried to get them printed at Wal-mart they did not want to give them to me because they thought they were professionally done. I would suggest looking a few things when shopping for a camera.

1)Megapixel rating (the higher the number, the more detailed the pictures, and the larger the files they save as)

2) the functions of the camera (ability to change frame rating, coloring, zoom ratio (both visual and digital), etc.)

3) The company the camera is from (stay with brand name big companies, don't go to minor companies)

These, along with some personal preferences of mine led me to buy my digital camera and I could not be happier with mine. I have a Canon Powershot IS and I am completely satisfied. I only paid about $250 or so for the camera and an extra card on When you get a digital camera, make sure to get an extra memory card as well, the ones that come wit hthe camera are unbelievable tiny and are basically useless.

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