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What is your opinion on RTE?

Do you think it good? bad? biased about issues? Is it true the government basically own RTE, as in agree with us or ship out, as I always see alot of biased views on RTE News and the presenters always seem to be pro-government, which is quite sickening to say the least.

I'm from the occupied 6 counties, at least in the free state you have a proper government and your TV is something to be proud off. BBC six counties and UTV, pro unionist/protestant gutter trash!. Yeah RTE 1 and gaybo was a mouth piece for the west Brits. But Gabriel Byrne was only one man trying to keep a bunch of old grannies from wetting themselves when Daniel O'Donnell made an appearance. RTE' isn't all bad, good news good sport.

Know what we have in the 6 counties on all Ireland final day? the anthem is turned down by the BBC six counties, their former GAA pundit Jerome Quinn was sacked for stating the fuckin obvious. BBC six counties are a bunch of pro loyalist unionist protestant Catholic hating scumbags. Complain about RTE all you want. I'd rather be pro Irish than anti-Catholic anyday. At least RTE respects it's core audience

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