Irish Book

What Irish book is this? I'm desperate...?

When I was around eight or nine I read a children's chapter book that took place in Ireland, by an Irish author. I thought the title was "The Tara Brooch" or something with the word "Tara" in it, but I can't find anything online, so I might be wrong. In the beginning of the book, a boy and his sister are going on a school trip to the dublin museum. I think their father is dead, he might have been a police officer (?); I remember one specific scene where the mother and grandmother had saved up some money so the kids would be able to go on the trip, and they were really excited.
Later, the siblings are transported back in time to the days of ancient Ireland. I think they're chained up by invaders, maybe? And there was one part where the boy had to ring an alarm bell to alert a village of an attack.
I know it's a long shot, but please help me out! Thanks!

I remember that book, from my childhood. It was a school book. have been searching on line, and even had a look at the Irish museum website, but I think the book is not in publication anymore.
If it's the same one I am thinking off, it would have been out in the 60's & 70's.

The Tara Brooch, is an artifact on display in the museum, so maybe the book was written to promote the Celtic treasures on display.

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