Floor Harp

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Harp, this traditional mysterious musical instrument....I die for-help?

I love this instrument, you know it takes you to the other world of art, ancient world, a heavy atmosphere, I can't explain with these weak words....
I wanna know how long it takes to learn how to play a harp and be a good harpist???
and if again, you don't know a thing about alphabet of music notes, how long does it take to be a harpist????
and how much [money] is a proper harp??

I play Irish harp, and I'm self taught. There is no way to answer your question with any precision; one never stops learning, and there is never a point at which one can say they've learned everything there is to know about playing. Your progress is limited only by your own will and commitment; if you want to get good at any instrument, you'll put time and energy into practicing and playing.

You will need to learn about reading music; but it isn't terribly difficult. As with anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

What style of music are you interested in? Many people think of harps as only being the large pedal harps they see in orchestras; they are capable of being loud enough to be heard in such a setting, and they have the full chromatic range available to them. These typically have 46 or 47 strings. The costs for pedal harps start at around $15,000.

There are also lever harps, which are much smaller, and can come in various sizes, from perhaps 19 strings for a lap harp, to about 38 strings for a large floor harp. Prices depend on the size, the maker and the quality; but be aware that you get what you pay for. Don't settle for a cheaply made harp, because they will never make a really good sound, even in the hands of an experienced player; and they are less durable. Some of my favourite American harp makers are Dusty Strings ( I play one of theirs, 32 strings, in walnut wood); Triplett, and Thormahlen. Check out their websites for some idea of what these harps look like, and how much you're likely to spend. These are all harpmakers with excellent reputations, and their products are high-quality.

If you want it, make it happen! But be ready to spend plenty of time and money as you find a well-made harp and learn to play it.

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