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How much does a 29 string Minstrel Harp cost?

I saw someone playing it, and I've been tempted. She's on YouTube, and her name is Natalie Grace, I think. Also, how much would lessons cost and are the lessons hard to find?

I agree with Doc. These harps are not very good for the most part. The odd one seems to stand up to tuning and playing but most are not worth the money. You'd be better off purchasing a Harpsicle or one of its cousins. If you want, email me and I can send you pictures of these EMS harps that have self destructed...exploded and come apart. My harp teacher had someone bring in one of the 36 string models and she could not tune it. Tuning it to pitch was causing the soundboard to crack. Some of the bass strings cause up to 1000 pounds pressure and the cheap plywood just couldn't take the strain.
So....for a hundred dollars or so more you can buy a Harpsicle or any other small harp which would be much much better than the minstrel. Check out ebay, you can often find used Harpsicles or other small harps for about the same price as a new Minstrel, and you'll get much more enjoyment out of it.
Oh...BTW, compared to other harps, these Pakistani harps sound awful. You can always tell if they are from pakistan, almost always they are made with rosewood, and they say they have 'dupont' strings, and 'cam' levers....dead giveaways!
As for harp lessons, they vary according to where you live. I pay $40 hr. However, I can highly recommend a few 'teach yourself' books, Sylvia Woods, Pamela Bruner and Laurie Riley have some excellent teaching books, and some come with dvd's so you can learn along with a video.
Good luck in your harp search. I

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