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Why do people draw Beyond Birthday with his one eye taken out?

I have seen many epic pictures of Beyond Birthday with his one eye taken out o_o. I have read the whole Death Note: Another Note The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases book and I haven't read any scene with him taking out his eye o_o. Is there an other book with Beyond Birthday or what?

No, unfortunately there is no other book with Beyond Birthday in it.
But many photos have him with one of his eye's covered with his hair. This is how L's hair is sometimes and since BB dose have Shinigami eyes, the look with his eye covered makes it more dramatic. Most photos of him without his eye are just fan photo's. Since Beyond is a killer, without his eye would make it more "terrifying" for us. Most Beyond Birthday photos in the internet are actually fan made since he's not in the Anime as a "main" character. This might be one of the reasons why you would see him with his eye taken out.

Hope I helped!
-(Beyond Birthday Super Fan.)

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