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Dragon Quest IX - Advice on defeating Goresby-Purrvis?

Okay, so at the moment I'm stuck on Goresby-Purrvis. He keeps 'hacking away like a demon' and killing my party members! I can't heal them quick enough!
My party consists of:
A level 38 minstrel. If there's nobody at risk I make her use Falcon Slash. If somebody drops below 100 HP she heals them with Midheal. If my thief dies she becomes my healer.
A level 38 warrior. I always have her attacking with Dragon Slash.
A level 36 thief. Sometimes I might make him attack with Assassin's Stab but mostly he heals his fellow party members.
A level 35 mage. I make her boost the attack of my minstrel and warrior with Oomph and attack with Crackle.
All advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You're doing the best you can really. I'd give your warrior the Falcon Sword if you have it and consider having him use Falcon Slash instead. Barring that, just put on a few more levels.

Frankly most of the final boss fights are hard without a Priest that is 38+ but they are still all possible.

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