36 Celtic

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why do people ask such easy and simple questions on yahoo?

when you could just type the question into google and get the answer ?
http://www.londonhearts.com/scotland/gam... just got that answer from GOOGLE dont know if its right zola, but thats not the kind of question i was talking about, rather i meant the ones like "what time does the chelsea man utd game kick off" posted that in my other q by mistake zola

1971-10-23: Celtic 1-4 Partick Thistle, League Cup
Partick Thistle: Rough, Hansen, Forsyth, Glavin (Gibson), Campbell, Strachan, McQuade, Coulston, Bone, Rae, Lawrie

Celtic: Williams, Hay, Gemmell, Murdoch, Connelly, Brogan, Johnstone (Craig 20), Dalglish, Hood, Callaghan, Macari

Referee: W.J. Mullan (Dalkeith)

Partick Thistle scorers: Rae (10), Lawrie (15), McQuade (28), Bone (36)

Celtic scorer: Dalglish (70)

Att: 62,740

As to the question, limited intelligence? For me it's the "What team is top of the league" type questions that do ma nut in, f u ckin idiots. "Which team has done X, Y & Z", when they who the team is, we know who the teams, these questions are just a waste o space.

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