29 Minstrel

Dragon Quest IX Please help?

I have a lvl 29 minstrel a lvl 28 warrior a lvl 28 mage and a lvl 28 warrior
I wanna defeat the dreadmaster and I know I'm not a high enough lvl yet so I wanna know what are the best places to train like where the metal smiles are that can give you around 1000 or over exp so please help

Here are the regular locations of the metal slimes, note that you can also find them on some grotto maps.

1. Metal Slime - The Ragin' Contagion dungeon near Coughingwell (rare)
2. Metal Slime Stacks - The Dangerous Cave near Bloomingdale
3. Liquid Metal Slimes - Blowhole, the dungeon NW of Wormwood. (But you shouldn't have access to this dungeon yet, it is story locked.)

Your best bet is location 2, the dungeon where you fought the giant spider. In the multi-teranced room about three screens in there is a long path beside a body of water. This is not the same room where the table is. Along that path metal slime stacks spawn pretty frequently. This is the most likely place to level with where you are in the story.

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