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What do you feel when these instruments are played?

What do you feel when these instruments are played?
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Tuba. You can answer not all of these instruments, just three or four, but all is better.

Piano: It feels like home. It's beautiful and graceful and when expertly played makes me feel like I'm elsewhere.
Violin: Anyway you play it, it evokes memories and feelings deep inside of me I never knew I had. It always moves me with such a power I can't explain.
Viola: Much like the violin, but with a warmer feeling, like a holiday surrounded by your family.
Cello: A deeper darker feeling, like being tossed around by waves in the ocean.
Trumpet:An exciting feeling, like I've been inspired. I instantly crave more.
Clarinet: An at home, older kind of feeling, like enjoying the company of a grandparent. Not something I generally like to listen to every second of my day but easily enjoyable on an occasion.
Flute: Makes me feel light and when played in a deeper, sweeter key, can easily move me to tears. It always reminds me of the sun, oddly.
Saxophone: Can make me want to dance or stand there with my jaw wide open in awe.
Tuba: Always reminds me of walking, usually with all sorts of different strides, like in a movie.

I play guitar and mandolin. Mandolin is so much happier and brighter compared to guitar that the mandolin always seems to outshine the guitar in sound, by the two compliment each other soooo well! Definetly want to learn a ton more instruments in my life.

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