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tension in left wrist when i play Violin?

okay here is the deal, when i play my violin my wrist gets tight and starts hurting its not bad, like i can stand the pain, but also after i put my violin down, my wrist is so tight, and I can make my wrist pop and it'll loosen up but still hurts, whats the deal? how to fix it?

Although it may not seem serious, this is a huge problem for many players and can be career ending. You have to remember that tension starts in the shoulders--make sure your shoulders are relaxed. For the left shoulder, it is important to remember that the violin doesn't actually rest on the shoulder, but rather is supported by the left thumb and perches more on the collarbone. Technically the point of a shoulder rest is to make it so that you can shift more easily without having to squeeze the violin under your chin. My best suggestion (I have dealt with this problem for years) is to start EVERY practice session with 10 minutes of scales, which help you warm up and are great for technique, especially loosening up. I suggest to practice loosening the shoulders that you take off the shoulder rest and play some scales with the violin resting only on your collarbone and supported by your left thumb, the way it is supposed to be played. Telling your teacher about the problem is also crucial because they can see things you can't, such as when your shoulder starts to go up or when the muscle underneath your left them starts to tense. It's a process of tweaking your technique so that playing becomes effortless instead of tense. Not only will it help your pain, it will improve your playing hugely.

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