8th String

What Guitar Should I Get As A Metal Musician?

I'm probably gonna get an 8 string as I've been after 1 for a while but I'd really like something with a Floyd Rose and preferably something a bit unusual like a v-wing. I already have an ESP EC-401VF and an MTM2 WT Mick Thomson sig. Any suggestions???

Schecter Omen 8 is nice, so is the Ibanez RGA8 and 2228. I've heard good things about the Agile and they're a good price. They're all fairly standard shape, not sure which ones have Floyd Roses though. 8 strings sound incredible, but going straight from 6 to 8 isn't recommended if that's your plan. And don't buy a guitar without playing it first, you've got to like the feel!
Happy hunting!

Edit: I'd recommend going to the forums of got-djent.com, the majority of the guys there plays 7s and 8s, and most know a lot about guitars in general.

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