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Is this a scam and how to use paypal?

I've never used ebay before so I don't know how to use paypal or determine what is a scam or not.

For example:
Fujian 35mm Camera Lens :

Why is this lens so cheap? How much would customs duties be for Canada?
I just want the lens for fun. I like the blurring feature. I usually set my own aperture and shutter speed anyway. I'm basically worried that bc it's not a Sony lens, will the screen won't work or something (will I be able to see the shutter speed etc?)

There isn't anything wrong with the lens, as such - they are cheap to make and, if you know what you are doing and what the specs mean, they can give you a cheap lens and a bit of fun. However, if you are looking for a lens for your Sony for "normal" photography, you need to buy a photographic lens - not one that is intended for a surveillance camera.

As to eBay and PayPal - they have been around long enough to be easy to use and trustworthy - an eBay account gives you pretty good protection against scams (NOT against bad choices, though. This seller has been quite open about this being a CCTV lens that can be fitted to a Nex. PayPay gives very good protection against online fraud and scams, and it's free for buyers to use. What is more, since you never have to reveal your bank or card details to sellers, no-one can rip you off by getting your personal info when you make a purchase. Only you and PayPal know.

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