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How do I gloss over a guitar fingerboard?

I'm building a guitar and I'm working on the neck. The body, which will feature a quilted maple veneer stained vintage amber, will decidedly look best with a very black neck, since the finish will leave a nice golden shine. In order to achieve the nice, glossy black look that I desire, I've attained a high-quality ebony fingerboard. Unfortunately, ebony still isn't dark enough - I need to paint a layer of black over it and then gloss over it to make it nice and shiny (and so the paint won't wear). How should I go about glossing it? What materials should be used?

Painting a high quality ebony fingerboard? - Sacrilege.
Why not just have one cut in hard black ebonite thermosetting plastic
if that's the look you want?
BTW: a very hard finish on the fret-board does limit the sound a player can get.

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