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Drum help needed please!!?

I just posted a question like 20 minutes ago about what hardware to use for mounting 2 high toms onto a stand of somesort and putting it in front of snare drum.

So I was looking and was wondering if this

was the stand that I could mount 2 toms on. But I'm kinda a beginner and the stand looks like it doesn't have the right mount to put onto drums that have the hole to mount onto like on the bass drum?

Please help me!!

well that stand is designed for use with the tama free floating mounting system. so if you have a different brand, it might not work. it wouldnt work if you have toms that were meant to be bass-mounted. try this instead:

a tri clamp like this will clamp right onto the cymbal stand, and has room to mount 2 toms. this one accomodates up to 1" tubes, so make sure this is the right size. but i use something like this for my 14" mounted tom, and i just attached it right to the ride cymbal stand (save a stand and space by doing this too!) if you want a separate stand, then maybe something like this:

good luck!

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