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Using a Cello bow on a Double Bass?

okay i play bass and read music and i play in a school orchestra, i use the double bass in the school but they don't have a bass bow only a cello bow and i have been trying to use that, it sounds fine on the E string but the rest it is terrible and basically never works so i always play pizzicato, is this normal? is it just impossible to use a cello bow with a double bass? Also how much is a cheap double bass bow?

A bass bow is 50% higher in weight and has 50% more hair than a cello bow. It also has more space between the hair and the stick. All of these allow the player to apply more pressure and more contact to the string. I am surprised that the "E" string works as it is the thickest and is the hardest to get to vibrate. A Glasser Bass Bow is around $75. Cheaper wood bows are available but are such junk that the hair falls out, so it will cost you more since you'll have to have it rehaired soon after starting to use it.

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