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How does Maria die so much in silent hill 2?

Ive finished Silent hill 2 but there's 2 things I don't understand about it.
1.How does Maria die so many times I have the impression shes an image of James' mind maybe that's why she can't die shes just a figment of his imagination.
2.The last boss was that actually James' wife just in a monster form?

Actually, you're pretty much right on. As far as I can tell, Maria isn't a real person, but a manifestation from James' mind, just like all the monsters in "Silent Hill 2." She keeps getting killed because James' subconscious is trying to get him to remember what he did to his wife. As for the last boss, that wasn't the real Mary, but another delusion produced by James' mind. According to the "Translated Memories" site, she was a being that embodied James' conflicted emotions towards Mary during her final days.

Hope this helps. :)

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