Double Machine

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Neither Nash or Iverson is PG of the decade?

Jason Kidd i think is.. and i know Nash was 2-Time MVP and Iverson 2001 MVP and 4-Time coring Champ. But Kidd was a Triple-Double Machine. Transformed New Jersey from a 26-56 team into a 52-30 NBA finalists team. He made the NBA Finals twice with basically nobody's help, and he made Phoenix and New Jersey better whenever he played for them. I also think he really should have won the 2002 MVP award.

I buy what you are saying about Kidd. I've never really thought of Iverson as a point guard because he played the bulk of his career at shooting guard. I can't say Nash is the point guard of the decade, I mean it took Nash eight or nine years to become what he is today, which is a product of a system. I'm not a Dallas fan, but I live in the metroplex and at the time Nash was no great loss.

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