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how can i improve my dart throwing?

Well I will say it again, practice....

I have no idea how often you play, so Il tell you what I have tauight other people. Trying different lengths of throw will not help (muscles remember, when you move further away you will have to re-train your muscles).

1. Find a comfortable stance (select a stance and fire as many darts as you can at the board without changing your stance, if it gets sore quickly you are twisting or leaning to much). Try this with a number of stances until you feel that you are comfortable enough to endure a considable time at your practice session.

2. Get 3 sets of darts all different weights ( 1 set below 24 grams, and another between 24 and 27 grams and the third more than 27 grams).
Different length stems, longer stems for lighter darts and shorter stems for the heavier darts.
Flights also come in different shapes and sizes. Again try and aquire as many different types as you can,

3. Be prepared for yiour standard to drop as you expirement.
Keep records of your practice sessions - recording the darts, stems and flights you have used, time, date and length of session. Practicing every day will help, but I found that longer sessions every other day do just as good a job.

4. During your sessions try and select a time where you will be undisturbed. Background music is good to help you relax.
The lenght of time you practice is entirely up to you, but try and complete a full circtuit of your schedule.

5. Your training schedule should include -
Round The Board (singles, doubles and trebles and all finishing on the 25 then 50) - This will get you used to moving around the board and also loosen you off (if you are stuck for time just do the doubles).
Finishes - Give yourself a certain of time and start at 61, then move up a number. As you improve give yourself more time. Try and learn the finishes.
101 - Play 10 games of this but you can only use 6 darts to finish it, if you struggle use 9 darts. Move back to 6 darts when you are finishing 101 without all 9 darts.
501 - Play yourself, this wil help you get used to the short time you wait between throws (yes I know you are not waiting, but as one score will be much better than the other most of the time you will try harder on that score).

Remember to keep records. Oh and if you ar able play other people as often as you can.

Stick with the schedule. Use the same darts, flights and stems for each session. As you practice more you will see by your records what combination is working best.

I am not claiming to be an expert on darts, but I have helped other people improve there game and I still try and help.

I hope this helps !!!

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