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does anybody on here go bowhunting more than rifle hunting?

if so what are the best bows to use even, camo, scents, stands, etc.... because when december comes around im useing a bow instead of a muzzle loader

I bow hunt 90% of the time. A bow kill brings back the feeling you had when you just killed your first deer. Total exhilaration.A sense of satisfaction that can never be known when gun hunting, even though it is fun to gun hunt, the thrill and a sense of accomplishment goes to the bow hunter.

The best way to pick out a bow is to go to an archery shop and they will let you shoot and pick out which bow fits you the best. And they will guide you, advise you, and show you what you need to know.

The top 3 bows in sells are Hoyt, Matthews and Bow-Tech. But any bow that fits you and suits you will work fine.

Use any camo you wish, as long as you also use head net to hide your face. Then if one sees you, if you are totally still, at some point the deer will turn his head to look elsewhere and that will often give you the opportunity for a shot. (maybe)

I think a climber or a ground blind is essential to success while bow hunting. You will never stop learning when you bow hunt.No matter how much you hunt, no matter how many deer you may kill with your bow, every year you will learn something new about deer hunting and bow hunting.

Your best bet is to become friends with someone that bow hunts and have them help you and advise you as you get into it. Good luck!

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