Bass Winders

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I ordered a peg winder and ended up ordering a bass one by accident off line?

So what should I do? Can a bass winder fit the guitar pegs or I'm I fuc ked. What should I do? I don't know what to do. I've left it in it's packaging. I ordered other stuff. like guitar picks and some cleaner for the guitar so what should I do since there is only one item at fault. Also my sister has a bass. Should I ask her for the money if she wants it and then just go back and buy the guitar one? I don't think she will want it. she doesn't use her bass that much it's more like a oremaent. It just sits there collecting dust.

Well, I would try to sell the winder to my sister. It will probably not work on you guitar because the bass tuning pegs are probably way bigger than your guitar's. Even if the peg winder is a bass one, do not send back the rest. Go to the nearest music shop. You can probably get a guitar winder for less than five dollars. (I got one at my local shop for 2.99)

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