Nickel Wound

What happens if I were to put acoustic strings on an electro-acoustic guitar?

And have it plugged into an amp.

Electro-acoustic (acoustic-electric) guitars does require acoustic guitar strings...

You use nylon strings designed for acoustic nylon string guitars on acoustic-electric nylon string guitars and acoustic steel strings on acoustic-electric guitars.

You do *not* under any circumstance switch it around! Steel strings will ruin a classical/nylon string guitar because of the higher tension. There is too little tension in nylon strings to drive the sound board on a steel string guitar, plus you will have a hard time fastening the strings.

Nickel wound electric strings don't sound good on an acoustic steel string guitar. The latter works best with phosphor bronze, or bronze wound strings (basses).

In essence, use the kind of strings that the guitar is designed for and which brings out the best in that guitar.

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