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What's your playing style in Skyrim?

I'd like to know what your perfect character would be. Warrior, Rogue, Mage or Hybrid? Also, what perks do you use for whichever build you have on you current character. (Smithing, Lockpicking, Destruction etc..)

Just wanted wanted to know all the powerful builds in Skyrim. Or the most effective ones.

For me, I got a lvl 39 Nord. He has about 8x in Smithing and Sneak, 7x in Archery, 6x in 1-handed Heavy Armour and Conjuration, then 4x in Restoration. (after that everything else is about 20-30ish).

I also use a self-made Ebony set with and enchanted sword and shield for the tough guys.
Normal mage top + Apprentice hood + Boots of the Old gods (+20% sneak) + Gloves of the Old gods(+20% damage on bows) is my usual gear.

Weapons of choice: 1-handed sword/shield and Bows.

So what's your special build?

Magic, Magic & More Magic.

I use Apparel that helps with Magic, In battle I use a Staff, A Magic stick thing.

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