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Car Radio Expert?

Does anybody know where I might find a diagram that shows how to install a factory (AM/FM Cassette by Delco) in a 1985 Chevy Silverado. Or any other good advice/article/website on restoring one? Your help is much appreciated!

There really isn't very much to installing a factory radio. I am assuming that we are replacing one. This is very general so you may find it differs some but most often the radio has several points of support, the On and off switch and the tuning knob both should be removed and you should see a nut on each holding it to the dash, loosen them up but don't remove altogether. Check sides and back for additional brackets, I have even seen a bracket attached to the very top. These may range from one to three. loosen them up. be careful and remove the antenna and the wiring is almost always any more plug and play wiring. Now you may remove the front nuts and save them and them remove the bracket nuts and slide the old radio out and slide the new one in. carefully replace the nuts and then the wiring and the antenna. You already know if there is no speakers then you are going to have to install speakers. The car is already sat up for speakers then it is just a matter of a few screws and a wire run to the radio. If there is not electric for the radio. You are going to have to run a wire that is hot. I have found that the easiest to run electric in a car is to run a wire to the fuse box. If you look closely you will a vacant place for a fuse. One closing thought be sure to use all of the brackets, radios a grounded to the vehicle, and this will ensure that the radio is grounded. Good luck

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