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The Best Travel Shoes for Your Next Adventure

On your next trip, be it a hundred miles or ten thousand, excellent travel shoes are essential for the trip. Travel requires a lot of walking and standing, which can lead to foot pain. When you're packing for the next trip, think about the shoes you wear and consider a few basic qualities to great travel shoes.

Fit- The fit of your shoes is obvious and often somewhat overlooked as just a matter of habit. Every shoes fits somewhat differently--even if the size is the same. Sizing your feet accurately is essential to getting shoes that properly fit your feet. You can do this at the shoe store before you buy or if you have a Brannock device, you can do it yourself. This will give you exact lengths and widths to best determine what kind of shoes you’ll fit into best. Some people have more narrow feet; some more wide, and many people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other. These are important things to consider when getting new travel shoes.

Comfort and Support- When you’re on a trip, walking and standing around are big parts of the experience. It’s likely that you’ll end up doing a lot more of both of these than you initially anticipate. Having a highly supportive pair of travel shoes that will remain comfortable all day is essential to staying happy and productive during your travels. Pain in arch and heel pain are symptomatic of long hours on your feet, trekking across many hard, flat surfaces. Travel walking shoes with good arch support and a cushioned heel will be best for the strain you put on your feet everyday.

Versatility- This one is pretty huge on a trip. Unless you get excited about the idea of hauling around fifteen extra pounds of shoe weight in your bag, bringing a couple highly versatile shoes will serve you better on most trips. From sightseeing ancient ruins to strolling around a shopping plaza, you want your travel shoes to be able to handle the varied situations of travel. Travel shoes with durability, breathability, and a lightweight design are all going to pay off when you’re on the move from one place to another.

Style- You’re going to be wearing your shoes everywhere, so who can forget about style? Stylish travel shoes will have a part in the versatility of the shoes. You may not need to take multiple pairs of Eccos or Dolce and Gabbana, but good comfortable walking shoes that you can wear in most situations without breaking a dress code will be the best shoes for traveling.

Wherever your next trip takes you, traveling prepared is always the most effective way of maximizing your time and getting the most enjoyment out of a trip. On a small scale, this comes down to selecting the right travel shoes for the adventure. Traveling is fast paced, so you need travel shoes that can keep up.

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