Traditional Chinese

What does the western world think about traditional chinese medicine?

If you're not from Asia, do let me know your views on Traditional Chinese Medicine as well!

It begs the question that a single person is a spokesperson for the "western world".
One of the first western doctors to bring TCM to the west was Ted Kaptchuk, author of "The web that has no weaver". Since then thousands of western MDs, nurses, Chiropractors, midwives, massage therapists etc. have taken courses in TCM/Acupuncture. It's become a very popular form of medicine for people who have rejected pharmaceutical drugs due to the pervasive negative effects and the cause of iatrogenic (drug induced) disease.
Excuse the trolls who always post negative childish comments in this section. They have seriously limited knowledge about any form of medicine, let alone TCM. Many are shills for the drug companies.

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