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What would you like to ask?I really want to become an actress?

i have when i was younger been in plays but i have never taken professional performing arts classes yet should I cause i would love to act and i already sing quite alot but would still need practice, i am taking it as BTEC then im going to a uni what do i or should i do after that auditions or what ? thanksxx

Subscribing to The Stage paper, or Professional Casting Report (PCR), or any other online casting service will give you a chance to approach companies and build up a modest CV. You really need an agent to get you auditions, at least for decent productions and certainly for TV for example. However, an agent will probably need to see that you have experience already, and will want to see you a perform in things prior to taking you on. So if you're in a decent show, invite them along. You will need professional photos and a CV with some half decent credits on (I know getting good credits when you're starting out is difficult). The above named subscriptions can become expensive, but it's hard to find out about auditions and future castings. As you get some work, hopefully you'll meet people and directors who might use you again, or recommend work to you. It's a bit Catch 22, but everyone has to start somewhere. The traditional and arguably easier path is to go to a drama school either instead of, or after Uni, as they will put on shows when you graduate that many agents will go to. I don't want to put you off Uni though! And there's never a guarantee that you'll get into a drama school, or that an agent will take you on, etc. It's a really tricky business to crack as it isn't always how good you are, and despite what people say about nepotism, I know plenty of relations of famous people who can't get work, so it's a combination between talent, opportunity, luck, and, to a degree the right looks - that doesn't necessarily mean beautiful, you could be old or fat or gormless looking, but if you look right for a part int he director's mind, you've already got a head start! Best of luck to you.

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