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Double majoring in cello and classical guitar?

I'm a highly competitive classical guitarist and cellist. I love guitar and cello. I don't want to quit either. And I'm going into my junior year in high school and im thinking about college. What do i need to do to double major(in both classical guitar and cello) in college? Is it even possible? Will colleges take off for this? Is there anything elts I need to know? Thanks.
I am in AP music theory and i am also triple majoring at my school,an arts magnet,(in classical guitar, cello and piano).

No matter HOW driven and accomplished you are in HS, you will find that there is a HUGE difference in college. If you find that college is NOT a challenge - then you are at the WRONG college for you. Sooner or later, you will find that to succeed, you MUST declare one focused major. yes, there are other things that you can study, or play for your own edification, but you must FOCUS on one thing. I can give countless examples of tearful decisions made late a night, when the pressure of keeping ALL the juggling balls in the air proved to be to much - so decide NOW.

Decide which of your three performing instruments is your best, AND will give you the greatest musical satisfaction AND employment possibilities; it is sad to devote so many years of your life to something that has NO future chance of employment. We all must survive on the world, even though we like to live in The Ivory Tower of art and music! IN this economy, it is increasingly difficult to survive on lessons applying jobs - you will need ongoing employment - and you do not want 4 or 6 or 8 years of conservatory training to get you a job in Sears!

It is not easy making choices - but better that YOU make them, with intelligent and informed guidance ( from a private teacher, school teacher, etc.) that have them made FOR you in the middle of college. The whole concept of double-triple majoring is a fantasy - it is for people who want to attach an *name* to their indecision. Yes, there are double-degree programs in music, wherein you get a BM in your instrument and a BMEd in music education. Bard College (which has a FINE conservatory) requires that you major in another field (like chemistry or Russian?) besides music - but they are HIGHLY. Very unique program - VERY expensive - very progressive. EXCELLENT teachers.

Of course, the piano is going to be valuable to you, no matter what you musical major. Only YOU can decide your focus - but changing your mind in mid-stream is costly n MANY ways. Difficult as it is , start the decision process NOW - even take some sample lessons at school that you are considering, and see what reactions you get form those teachers. I wish you much luck - you sound hard-working and accomplished - I want you to SURVIVE and do well! So - where are you applying??

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