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Purchasing Airsoft (UK)?

I am 16, hoping to play skirmishes in my local area, which I know is legal as it is 12 to play, 14 to own and 18 to purchase an airsoft gun. I have previously owned an electric powered G36c and spring powered clear Desert Eagle, however. I plan to purchase a new rifle or SMG from this website.

I do not know anyone UKARA registered and therefore do not know what will happen if I get someone not registered with UKARA who purchases an airsoft rifle for me?
I am hoping to purchase a weapon for £120 maximum, I am split between two guns.


or could someone suggest to me a good, reasonably priced weapon from another website. I do not mind if the weapon I purchase is two-tone, as long as it is reliable, good quality, under £120 (excluding delivery) and is legal in the UK. Thank you.

I don't know where you're getting your numbers from... There is no legal age limit on playing airsoft (site rules differ and are usually determined by the site's insurance company). The 14years to own limit applies to airguns, which are classed by the firearms act as having a power of 1ft/lb and above. The majority of airsoft guns fall below this, so that age limit doesn't apply.

Airsoft guns are by their nature imitation firearms. No imitation firearm may be sold to, or bought by somebody under the age of 18 - that's the only legal age limit which effects you.

You cannot legally purchase an imitation firearm. You cannot legally give somebody money to purchase one on your behalf (you're effectively purchasing it from them). You cannot trade other items for an imitation firearm (a reciprocal trade of goods or services constitutes a purchase legally).

The ONLY way you can legally come to own one is if it is GIVEN to you as a gift.

If the person giving you an imitation is a legitimate skirmisher and can prove their status (through UKARA registration or site membership details), then they may be sold a realistic imitation which they can give to you as a gift.
If not, then they may only be sold unrealistic imitations (ie. two-tones).

If you want a good, reliable but cheap gun, got for a JG G36. The tend to come in either two tone or realistic colours and are one of the best performing Chinese guns out there.

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