Instrument Koto

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Is this this the description of a weeaboo?

I'm learning the language and would like to move to Japan to see what it's like and maybe, just MAYBE live there if I actually like it enough. It's kind of a dream of mine too, but not really that big of one. I've always wanted to go there and I'm not crazy obsessed about everything about it. I don't go around saying overused words like "desu" because I actually know what it's for. I watch anime sometimes, but only when recommended by a friend or I seriously have nothing better to do at the time. I also don't obsess over the music. I've barely ever listened to it only because of anime and half the time I skip that part whenever possible. I'm not a weeaboo am I? D:
I do not want to be a weeaboo. I would be dissappointed in myself if I sounded like one. lol

No, you're not a weeaboo. Personally, I only call people weeaboos if they use words like, "KAWAII<33" or "SUGOI!!!!". It's really, really, annoying. It's like they're trying so hard to act like they know Japanese. Those are the people I would call a weeaboo.

I'm planning to move to Japan, too. One of the things you have to understand though, is that Japan isn't portrayed as it is in anime or manga. Such as people seem to believe it is. I love Japan because I personally believe it's one of safest places to live in the world, it's beautiful, people are polite, and I love the Japanese instrument, Koto. It's a beautiful instrument if played well. Not only that, but I love Japanese entertainment. :)

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